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The Family

Passing VALUES BEFORE VALUABLES is one of the most important ways to create and perpetuate an intentional family culture

Ampelis impacts family cultures

by helping them to

The Family

Engagement Design Process

Family Offerings

Ampelis offers an array of family services based on our methodology of Awake, Align, and Renew:

Guided Discovery

A set of interviews and assessments that gathers foundational information for all other aspects of the Ampelis engagement. Outputs include Legacy Statement and IPT.


Legacy Statement

A document that represents the values, stories and legends which shaped your life.


Individual Plan to Thrive (IPT)

2-3-year plan which aids families and individuals in acquiring more meaning in life.


A set of adventures which aid in aligning the family around meaning and a set of shared values.

Meraki System

A hybrid paper/digital alignment tool to cultivate greater meaning by managing your time, energy, and attention.

Ready for more meaning in your life?

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